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Back Bone Paramotors

Back Bone Paramotors



12.810,00 TTC

The two-seater trike for professionals

The Titoo – designed to be robust and efficient. Made entirely with 4130 aeronautical steel which offers the best resistance ratio.

  • Reinforced cage, foldable forward “Butterfly” style for minimal bulk.
  • Choice of solid bucket seats or harnesses
  • Throttle: foot and hand control with cruise control
  • Length-adjustable pilot footrest
  • Height-adjustable passenger footrest
  • Large wheels with front disk brake and low pressure tyres for all terrain
  • Aeronautical steel bar suspension for total comfort and efficient shock absorption
  • Can be used to fly tandem or solo
  • Propeller diameter 160cm

The Titoo can be mounted with Rotax 447, 503, 582, RMZ 500 engines
For any other engines, please contact us.
The Titoo trike can be completely disassembled for transport and shipping

Price: €12,810 inc. tax with refurbished Rotax 503 engine – harness version; and €13,650 inc. tax – bucket seat version
Price Rotax 582: €15,750 inc. tax (harnesses), €16,590 inc. tax (bucket seats)
Contact us for prices for other engines


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