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Back Bone • Since 1993

Back Bone designs and manufactures a whole range of products for the paramotor, the incomparable aircraft that provides a unique flight experience and the discovery of new horizons. Since 1993 Thierry Simonet, parachutist and paraglider since 1984, has been working on the concept of a simple, light, high-performance paramotor that can be transported in the car trunk, or the cargo hold.
In 1995, we released the first paramotor using a small engine, a 125cc with rotodynamic clutch, a “bundle” cage made of fiberglass, all in a bag the size of a suitcase. In 1996, while all the engines used come from the agricultural field with capacities from 200 to 430cc, used either live or reduced by belts, we work with Massimo Rossetti of Vittorazi on the base of mini-motorcycle engine to create the first specific motor for the paramotor: a 67cc with centrifugal clutch, mechanical reducer, and liquid cooling. In 2000, again in collaboration with Massimo Rossetti, we released the first engine designed entirely for the paramotor: the ROS 100. The range evolves and expands on four other powertrains, including the ROS 125 Light, which is often imitated and remains unmatched in terms of weight/power/reliability.
In order to offer our products an unmatched weight/strength ratio, we only use aluminum (7020) and aeronautical steel (4130), and in the spirit of the paramotor, our entire range is fully demountable and offers maximum foldability to fit in a suitcase with the “Travel” option.


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concept of a simple paramotor, lightweight, efficient, and transportable in the car trunk, or the cargo hold of an airplane.

first engine designed entirely for the paramotor.

unmatched in weight/power/reliability ratio.

unmatched weight/strength ratio.

Our whole range is fully removable and offers maximum foldability, to fit in a suitcase.


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