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Back Bone Paramotors

Back Bone Paramotors


Ozone Spark 2

2.810,00 TTC

The Paramotor Wing for Beginners

The Spark2 is the ideal choice for your first paramotor flights.
At first, paramotor may seem complicated and cumbersome; the Spark 2 is designed to make your first flights as safe and straightforward as possible. It’s an incredibly easy and forgiving wing ideal for all levels of student training.
It’s simple – with the Spark2, your progression in paramotor will be faster and more enjoyable.

Take off
The Ozone Research and Development team includes several paraglider and paramotor instructors with an in-depth understanding of the characteristics needed to take off easily and safely.
Soft and progressive, the Spark transmits ideal pressure through the risers so you can feel exactly where it is at all times during inflation.
Regardless of whether you choose to inflate facing forwards or backwards, the wing has no tendency to overtake or hang back, and it rises above the head with minimal effort. Thanks to its optimised construction, the wing is both light and resistant.
A stable pitch profile ensures easy ascent and easy handling on the ground.

In flight
In the air, the Spark is a real pleasure to fly, with intuitive handling and a balanced, progressive feel when cornering.
Brake pressure gradually builds up as the command is applied, with very clear feedback as the canopy nears the stall point.
Thanks to the many tests carried out during its development, the wing has a long brake range, which minimises the risk of accidental stalling, while maintaining precise piloting and a very easy landing. The progressive nature of handling gives the Spark very good cornering behavior, with or without weight transfer to the harness, which is ideal for a paramotor wing. The Spark has a wide speed range and its leading edge remains solid at full speed, even in turbulence. It’s very calm when pitching, which allows it to cross turbulence effectively whilst being very resistant to collapse, yet with a good ability to re-inflate. Its high pitch and roll stability give it an overall feeling of comfort and uncompromising safety in the air. On landing, the exceptional characteristics of the Spark allow very easy and comfortable landings, even without wind.

Top quality construction
The Spark is built with proven 30D fabric, developed over several years with manufacturer Dominico.
This fabric is now widely used in the Ozone range.
The Spark is lightweight and durable and features paramotor specific risers and EN approval.

The pilot
The Spark is the easiest and most reassuring paramotor wing we have ever tested.
We believe it’s an ideal choice for brand new pilots inspired by the sport. We believe it’s an ideal choice for brand new pilots, and those with experience who want the best, easiest, most comfortable and safe take-off and ground handling. Those seeking a passive wing without compromise will love the reassuring and enjoyable sensations of the Spark.

Have a great paramotor flight!


Spark 2 25 Spark 2 27 Spark 2 30
Number of cells 34 34 34
Projected area (m2) 20.4 22.1 25.1
Flat area (m2) 24.3 26.3 29.9
Projected span (m) 8.12 8.46 9
Flat span (m) 10.5 10.93 11.64
Projected aspect ratio 3.24 3.24 3.24
Flat aspect ratio 4.54 4.54 4.54
Root chord (m) 2.87 2.99 3.18
Total weight in free flight EN (kg) 65-90 75-105 95-125
Total weight in paramotor flight DGAC (kg) 65-110 75-125 95-140
Glider weight (kg) 4.51 4.79 5.29
EN Approval A* A* A*
Retail price inc. tax €2,810 €2,840 €2,870

*Flight test in accordance with EN 926-2 using the throttle system and with the trims set to the slow position.

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